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Do you need a Criminal Defense Attorney? Attorney Travis Koon provides legal services in Lake City, Live Oak, and Gainesville, Florida. Attorney Travis Koon can assist with Bail and Bond Hearings on behalf of people that have been arrested.

In Florida we have a saying about the turn of events for Spring Breakers… “Come on vacation, leave on probation”. While it is catchy to say, it really is a problem for some visitors and locals alike.


Once a person is arrested and detained in Florida, they have the right to go before a judge within 24 hours; this is called First Appearance. This is a critical time to have an attorney by your side, it is when the judge decides if there is enough evidence to establish probable cause and continue with the charges brought against you, it is also the time when bail will be set. A knowledgeable criminal defense attorney, such as those at Koonlegal and criminal defense Attorney Travis Koon, can address both issues on your behalf.


It is during the First Appearance that the attorney may ask to have bail reduced. If the judge denies this request, they can then file a Motion to Modify Conditions of Bond or request a Bond Hearing or Pre-Trial Release.   These are a couple situations in which one of our attorneys can help reduce your time in prison.


Lake City & Gainesville Criminal Defense Attorney


Bail is money that is paid by the defendant to the courts to ensure their appearance at subsequent proceedings. The severity of the crime, history of the defendant, and other factors determine how much bail the judge decides to set. Other considerations are:

  • The weight of evidence against the defendant
  • Personal information such as family ties, length of residency, employment history, financial resources, and mental condition
  • Past history of flight or failure to appear
  • Probability of danger posed if released into the community
  • If defendant is already on parole or probation
  • Probability of committing a new crime while released on bail
  • Any other factors the court views a being relevant


Being released on bail is not a right; it is a privilege that the court allows for the defendant to continue their lives through the pre-trial process. There are times that the judge will rule that the individual is to remain in custody until trial. If the court feels the defendant is a danger to society, or will not return to stand trial, then bail can be denied. Contacting a criminal defense Attorney at Koonlegal such as Attorney Travis Koon can assist in seeking a proper bond amount.


Lake City & Gainesville Criminal Defense Attorney


The full amount of bail is paid to the jail depository, usually via a certified check. This amount will be returned in full after all court dates have been met. If the defendant cannot pay the full amount, they may hire a bail bonds company to pay the jail, and the individual will make payments to the bail bonds company (plus an additional fee). If the defendant fails to appear for their court dates, the bail bond company will seek to capture the individual and return them to the courts.


Allow one of our highly skilled criminal defense attorneys to assist you in having your bail set, reduced, or modified. Having legal representation can help ensure all options have been pursued and your legal rights and interests are protected. We handle criminal cases in Central Florida, including Miami, Jacksonville, Gainesville, and Lake City. Criminal Defense Attorney Travis Koon is a member of the Florida and Georgia Bar.




At and Attorney Travis Koon, we know that if found guilty, some of these charges can change your life completely.


At , Criminal Defense Attorney Travis Koon, is a trained and skilled attorney that will assess your situation and argue the best defense for your case. Attorney Travis Koon has represented people charged with crimes his entire career. Criminal Defense Attorney Travis Koon has helped over 1,500 clients avoid jail time and the loss of their freedom. Attorney Travis Koon has conducted over 40 criminal trials and many of those trials were in the immediately area surrounding Live Oak, Florida, Lake City, Florida and Gainesville, Florida. Attorney Travis Koon is a member of the Florida Bar and Georgia Bar. In addition, Attorney Travis Koon is a member of the Federal Middle District and Northern District. Attorney Travis Koon is experienced in criminal cases in State and Federal Court.



Travis Koon, Attorney

Criminal Attorney

Live Oak, Lake City & Gainesville, Florida

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