Mr. Brinson is a veteran, serving in the Army as a 19D Cavalry Scout during the Iraqi War. He was deployed for fourteen months in southeast Baghdad, earning a Combat Action Badge, and two Army Commendation medals, among others. He performed duties as a driver and gunner of Humvees and Bradley tanks, earning the rank of Specialist.

Following his distinguished service to our country, Mr. Brinson attended Florida State University, where he received his Bachelor’s degree in history. Afterwards, Mr. Brinson briefly enrolled in Florida Coastal School of Law in Jacksonville, before returning to Tallahassee to attend the FSU School of Law, making the Dean’s List in 2013 and graduating in 2014. Mr. Brinson studied at the world-renowned Oxford University in the summer in 2013, located in the United Kingdom.

Attorney T.J. Brinson is admitted to practice law in the State of Florida. Mr. Brinson was a former prosecutor in Jasper, Madison, Live Oak, and Lake City. Mr. Brinson brings an advantage to clients by being a former prosecutor. The knowledge and experience from his time there is a valuable tool for those knowing they have been charged or are possibly being charged with a crime.

Mr. Brinson has tried over 20 criminal cases in his nearly 3 years with the State Attorney’s office. Mr. Brinson knows how the entire process works, from the precipitating incident until the final judgment. He has defended the State from motions to dismiss and motions to suppress, and knows how to spot the issues that either weaken the State’s case or get it dismissed outright.

Mr. Brinson has personally handled over 1,400 Criminal cases ranging from:

Driving Offenses
Felony Theft
Schemes to Defraud
Possession of Controlled Substance (Misdemeanor & Felony Crimes)
Trafficking in Methamphetamine
Solicitation of a Minor
Traveling to Meet a Minor
Transmission of Harmful Materials to Minors
Lewd and Lascivious Battery
Possession of Weapons charges
Attempted Murder
Violations of Probation for a wide range of misdemeanor and felony charges

Mr. Brinson has also prosecuted cases involving sentencing enhancements, including Prison Releasee Reoffenders, Habitual Felony Offenders, Habitual Felony Violent Offenders, and Dangerous Sexual Felony Offenders. He understands the complexities of the law and what these enhancements mean for the accused and for the State.

In addition to his vast experience in the criminal justice field, Mr. Brinson has received over 35 hours of additional DUI trial continuing legal education, specifically in areas of trial advocacy, pretrial motions, and breathalyzer refusal issues. Additionally, he has received training on Brady and Giglio Obligations pertaining to disclosing exculpatory (favorable to the accused) evidence and agreements between the prosecution and witnesses to testify for the State. Mr. Brinson treats these issues, as well as his clients, with the utmost importance and integrity.