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What do you need to know about filing for Bankruptcy?

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Are you ready to file for Bankruptcy; Do You Have Everything in Order? What do you need? 

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Once a person has looked at all other options and decided it is time to file for bankruptcy, the next step is important.  At The Law Offices of Travis Koon, we understand that this is a stressful and scary time for you and we are here to help you through this.

The first thing you want to do is to talk with a knowledgeable bankruptcy attorney, such as those at The Law Offices of Travis Koon.  You can file for bankruptcy alone, but there is no reason you should; the attorneys at our offices have experience in working with creditors and all other people that will become involved.

Gathering paperwork is a tedious yet extremely important task.  You will need:

  • To request a copy of your credit report – you will want to verify all information on the report is correct and fix any inconsistencies.
  • Taxes – make sure you have filed taxes for the last two years and have copies of those returns.
  • Collect paperwork on all debts – this includes account numbers and amount owed on all credit cards, loans, and even debts that have been recently paid in full.
  • Bank accounts – checking and saving account numbers with the balances for the last couple years.
  • Lawsuits or garnishments – gather all paperwork regarding any and all legal actions against you.
  • Income – gather all paystubs, interest earned, rental/property income, business income, disability, social security, and any other income information for the past 6 months.
  • Expenses – gather all monthly expenses such as rent/mortgage, utilities, car insurance, health care, taxes, commuting, and all other expenses you have.
  • Show your attorney all assets you have – anything you own such as your home, property, vehicles, stocks, bonds, boats and any other assets.
  • All other information your attorney may ask of you.

There are a couple more ways you can prepare, but again, consult an experienced bankruptcy attorney before taking any steps towards bankruptcy.

You will need to take a credit counseling course; your attorney will advise you on where to take this course and how to obtain the needed certificate.

One important thing to remember is not to hide, borrow or sell your money or assets; in fact don’t make any large changes at all.

Besides hiring experienced bankruptcy attorneys, such as The Law Office of Travis Koon, the most important piece of information to know is to be completely open and honest with your attorney.  Do not try to withhold any information, no matter how inconsequential it may seem.

The Law Offices of Travis Koon are represent clients in Gainesville, Jacksonville, Miami and Lake City; making it easy to contact us for any of your bankruptcy questions.

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