Drug Trafficking Defense Attorney

Have you or a loved one been involved in a criminal dispute involving drug trafficking? The Law Offices of Travis Koon are here to assist you in the futures endeavors that will play out inside the courtroom.

Drug trafficking in Florida can come with quite the hefty punishment depending on the substance type and amount of substance. So, do not go this route alone with consulting one on one with one of our criminal defense attorneys. If convicted of drug trafficking, the punishments can be as follows:

  • Charges in the category of drug trafficking will automatically be classified as a first-degree felony (max sentence of 30 years), 2nd degree felony (max 15 year sentence and $10,000 fine), 3rd degree felony (max 5 year sentence and $5,000 fine). Florida state law does allow for the enhanced sentencing of these laws if the situation calls for it.
  • 3 years minimum mandatory sentence (depending on amount of substance and type)
  • 7 year minimum mandatory sentence
  • 15-25 year minimum mandatory sentence
  • For example, the trafficking of marijuana in the amount of 25-2000 pounds can result in a minimum of 3 years jail time and a $25,000 fine. If over this amount then the fine increases to $50,000 and 7 years in prison. Similar laws exist for drugs such as cocaine, Oxycodone, PCP, GHB,LSD, Amphetamine, Quaalude, Flunitrazepam.

Thankfully in your case you do have options we can provide for you to remedy your situation with the ultimate goal of finding you not guilty being put first and foremost. These options include:

  • Proving that the defendant had drugs in his/her possession for personal use and not for the reason of distribution or intent to sell.
  • Proving entrapment that was set into place by law enforcement.
  • Proving a violation of your 4th amendment rights due to an unlawful search and seizure of the involved substances.

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