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Traffic Ticket Attorney Florida

Traffic Ticket Attorney Florida

What to do if You Receive a DUI

While driving the roads, highways and byways of Florida you may have noticed an increase of police stopping motorist; the officers are out in full force to stop drivers suspected of driving under the influence.  At The Law Offices of Travis Koon, we understand that sometimes good people make mistakes.  If you are arrested for a DUI it is in your best interest to call us as soon as possible.

A blood alcohol level of .08% or higher is considered to be driving while impaired, and can result in harsh penalties such as: fines of $500 – $1,000, community service, your vehicle being impounded, your license being revoked, an ignition interlock device, and even jail time – and that is just for the first offense.  Subsequent DUI charges can result in jail time of up to 1 year, fines ranging from $1,000 to $5,000, and a driver’s license suspension from 1 year and even as high as 10 years.

One of the most important choices a person in this situation can make is hiring the right criminal defense attorney.  A DUI criminal charge can affect a person’s life now and in the future.

Being convicted of a DUI may have long term effects; any subsequent DUI charges will be a felony charge.  Since a DUI conviction will remain on your record for several years, it may cause problems when you apply for a job, housing or even financial aid.  And of course your insurance rates will increase with a DUI conviction.

Being charged with a DUI is very serious, but it is exponentially worse when property damage or bodily injury occurs.  A felony DUI occurs when a person is charged with 3 DUIs within 10 years, or a 4th DUI.  It also occurs if serious bodily injury or death occurs due to driving under the influence.  Being charged with a violent felony crime puts a person at risk of being caught in the ‘3 Strikes and You’re Out’ cycle, as well as the possibility of losing some personal freedoms such as the right to vote and obtaining a passport.

But not every arrest necessarily leads to a conviction.  Having a top rated criminal defense attorney, such as The Law Offices of Travis Koon, can affect the outcome of whether the charge is DUI felony, DUI misdemeanor, or even less.  Let us help you navigate the legal system and be by your side during this time of uncertainty.

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