DUI Defense Attorney

If one is looking for help and peace of mind dealing with a DUI (Driving Under the Influence) case, then look no further. The Law Office of Travis Koon is an extremely diversified defense attorney establishment that can help. Not only do they represent the common individual and exclude insurance companies or large corporations, but their seasoned Florida DUI defense attorneys have offices in Lake City and Miami. We also service the areas of Jacksonville and Gainesville.

Facing arrest and prosecution for a DUI can not only be a stressful situation, but a scary one as well. Too often honest people who make mistakes are thrown into the court system not knowing how to come out on top of the situation. Even more so, after the predicament has been settled and the verdict reached, the defendant can face a criminal charge on his/her record affecting employment opportunity. The Law Office of Travis Koon believes every individual deserves a second chance, and a right to not have mistakes held against them on paper.

The Law Office of Travis Koon can provide services in the following areas in the case of a DUI accusation in the following ways:

  • Fighting for their clients through handling the stress of paperwork, judges, and all cases of prosecution.
  • Engaging the courtroom in favor of their clients with the objective of acquitting their client of charges, and freeing them from the stress of a possible conviction.
  • If in the case that a client is found guilty, a DUI defense attorney can not only lessen the punishment, but also seal the conviction on their record from the public.

Don’t fall victim to the law without representation. In the case of receiving a DUI charge, call the Law Offices of Travis Koon in a city near you.