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5 Benefits of Hiring a Small Law Firm


If you find yourself in the sticky situation of needing a criminal defense attorney, so many things are happening at once; you family is in an uproar and you’re worried about what is going to happen.  Probably the most important decision you will make is hiring the right attorney.


You may see commercials for large law firms with a name that sounds something like John, Jacob, Jingleheimer, Schmidt, Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young.

It may sound impressive to have so many attorneys working under one roof, but that doesn’t mean they will all be working on your case like a niche law firm.


At The Law Office of Travis Koon, we are a small law firm with several locations to best assist you.   We have offices in Lake City, Florida, Gainesville, Florida and Miami, Florida.   Our attorney’s focus on their respective area of law, stay well informed of the case law and new statutes that are released.  We feel that there are several advantages to choosing a more personal size law firm.


The Client is Important

When working with a small law firm, the clients don’t get lost in the crowd.  Our attorneys will give you and your case the individualized attention you need and deserve.  While our attorneys may not be able to speak with you each time you call, we will return your call and we pride ourselves on building a business relationship with you.



Large law firms have a tendency to shuffle your paperwork back and forth, from one person to the next… all the while billing you for this shuffle time.  But at a small firm such as ours, we don’t waste your time or money moving papers around to several different interns; we focus on your case to have it resolved as quickly as possible.


Small but Tough

Your case is very important and maybe even life-altering to you; but in a large firm, your case might be too small to bother with.  We don’t feel that way.  We understand how important each case is, and treat each one accordingly.  At the same time, we can also focus our attention on the tough cases that may need more research and fact finding than a straight forward case… we love those too.  Our clients in Lake City, Florida deserve a one on one and face to face interaction with each case.


Our Attorneys Work Together

Large law firms teach their attorneys to be cut-throat and ruthless; while that may sometimes be OK in the court room, it also means that they usually don’t pool their knowledge and help each other when handling your case.  At The Law Office of Travis Koon, our lawyers work together to find and fight for the best solution for your case.  Our firm is almost completely wireless and paperless.   Our attorney’s work via a secured cloud server which enables an attorney in Miami to create a document, an attorney in Gainesville to review the document and an attorney in Lake City, Florida file the document.  This simple process is done daily to enhance our clients work product and it enables our attorneys to constant work together seamlessly.



Most people go into law for the core reason of passion.  Working in a small firm allows the attorney to see the difference they can make in a person’s life; keeping that passion alive.  When you have a passionate attorney (such as those at our offices) working on your case you can be assured they will dig deeper and fight for you.


Hiring the right attorney just may change the outcome of your situation; make sure you hire the one that is best for you.  The Law Office of Travis Koon is a small firm that is here to guide you through this uncertain time.  We may be small, but that doesn’t mean we don’t know how to fight, just the opposite in fact.


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