Marijuana Defense Attorney, Florida 

Colorado and Washington among other states, may have legalized marijuana, but the State of Florida is not one of them. If the police believe to have caught you in possession of marijuana here, you will face criminal penalties. In order to minimize the negative effects of such a situation, you need a marijuana defense attorney.

Here is what they can do for you:

A good marijuana defense attorney knows the law

As we mentioned earlier, being in possession of marijuana is not legal in the State of Florida. The laws related to this are complex and convoluted, so you need someone who can help you navigate it.  A good attorney will have a good grasp of the marijuana law Florida has, so they will not only be able to make sure that you receive a fair trial, but they will also be able to get you through the case by using the law to your advantage.

A good marijuana defense attorney knows the right people

Regardless of what type of court case you are dealing with, it pays to have a marijuana defense lawyer who knows the right people. Having a rapport with prosecutors, judges, expert witnesses, ect. will work in your favor.

A good Florida marijuana attorney will have an entire team working for your case

If you are facing Florida marijuana possession charges, the State of Florida will use every resource at its disposal — including an army of legal experts —  to win their case. To counterbalance this unfair problem, you should have a team of your own to fight back. A good Florida marijuana defense attorney will not let you go it alone. They will deploy an entire team of legal experts to help you.

We at the Travis Koon legal team not only provide the benefits outlined above, but we also offer excellent customer service.  This includes one on one attorney time with one of our top marijuana defense lawyers. All of our cases are handled directly by one of our experienced attorneys.

Contact us today to receive the best legal services for marijuana possession Florida residents could ask for.